With the start of Russia's military invasion of Ukraine, the situation there has continued to deteriorate.

Across Ukraine, tens of millions of people are in urgent need of life-saving assistance, such as water, food, medical care, medicine, fuel, electricity, shelter, and warm clothing.


Since February 24, more than 1,700,000 people* have already crossed the border to seek safety, becoming refugees and being forced to take refuge in neighboring countries such as Poland, Hungary, Romania and Moldova. (*As of March 6)

It is predicted that the number of people evacuating from Ukraine to Europe will increase in the future, and the situation in Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, etc., which was called "the world's worst humanitarian crisis," is about to happen again.


Therefore, IVY has launched an emergency support team to provide urgent humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine.
We would like to ask for your support in this effort.


We are currently interviewing NGOs in neighboring countries and in Ukraine to investigate the situation there and the needs of the displaced people. We are now planning specific activities.

The following is a summary of the current situation that emerged from the interviews.
*There are many people who cannot cross the border due to the confusion in Ukraine.
*Many people cannot cross the border due to the turmoil in Ukraine, and the host country does not have enough systems and guidelines to accept displaced people.
*There is a growing need for food, medical supplies, generators, fuel, and housing.
*As more displaced people are expected to come to the border, support activities at the border will become more important.



Then the following activities are planned.  (This may change depending on the situation)
1. Distribution of water, food, and other necessities
2. Providing first aid and psychological treatment
3. Set up Information Points*
4. support shelters and temporary housing.


 *Provide information on how to cross the border and the process to be followed in the destination country, so that they could proceed wiht the border crossing and evacuation smoothly.


Your donation will be used to support the emergency relief efforts in Ukraine, and we will keep you updated on our activities.
Please note that up to 20% of your donation will be used for operating expenses, including office management and research activities.



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IVY Japan is an authorized nonprofit organization with a head office located in Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture in Tohoku (northeast Japan) that was established in December 1991. It’s founding was inspired by a study tour to Khao-I-Dang Holding Center, a Cambodian refugee camp on the Thai-Cambodian border.


IVY has been involved overseas in Cambodia, the Philippines, and East Timor, and has been especially active in reducing poverty in rural areas since 1996 in Cambodia, the country that led to the establishment of the NGO.


In addition to providing support to non-Japanese living in Yamagata Prefecture and Tohoku, particularly women who came to Japan for international marriage and Japanese nationals returning from China, IVY also implements educational workshops for children to promote international understanding and environmental education, such as the Global Children’s Camp.